Vex 3

Vex 3 that is a good news for stickman fans is one of the most popular adventure games . As you can guess, in this adventure game, you will control a stickman, and your mission is travel many different terrains. In this game series, there are many levels called as acts. Each of these acts consists of a bunch of deadly obstacles and challenges. For example, you may face with flying darts through your path. Hence, you should travel very carefully. 

Besides that, the game offers trophies with 4 main categories including completion, awesome stuff, hardcore and acts. Generally, this trophies section contains 39 goals to achieve. 

How To Play Vex 3

In order to control your stickman figure, you should use either the Arrow in Vex 3. The A or Left Arrow lets you move left whereas the D or Right Arrow allows you to move right. The W or Up Arrow should be used for jumping while the S or Down Arrow should be used for crouching. In order to make him slide down, you should use the combination of the Left Arrow and Down Arrow or Right Arrow and Down Arrow (A + S or D + S).

If you are in the pool, the functions of these keys will change. In order to make the stickman swim forward, you should use the Up Arrow. By pressing the Down Arrow, you can make him swim backward. You can also, turn right or left with the Right Arrow or Left Arrow. 

Hints and Tips For Vex 3

In the game, there are 3 special types of blocks that are purple blocks, orange blocks and wooden (brown) blocks. The purple blocks are the weakest ones. After stepping on them, they will fall down. The orange ones let you perform super jump. The wooden blocks are draggable. You should move them to the assigned areas by kicking them.