Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario, one of unblocked games in unblocked games 66, takes the adventures of our favorite Italian plumber, Mario, and flips those adventures into a frustrating and addictive world of sudden traps, surprise falls and a bunch of other unexpected instant deaths. If we should start from the very beginning, we should say that the game is multilevel. In other words, there are lots of levels to be completed to become the winner of the game. Besides that, the game has simple 2D graphics. 

Also, the game has a default difficulty level, but after completing each level, the next one will be more difficult than previous one with more challenges. You should keep in mind that id you fall down while playing, you will lose the game, and see on the screen information. Then, you will this annoying game counts your deaths. In order words, it counts how many times you failed. Therefore, you can let it win. Do not give up, be patient and make it pay for it!

How To Play Unfair Mario

In this unfair game, you should use the Left Arrow, Up Arrow, Right Arrow and space bar for game controls. While by pressing the Left Arrow, you can make him move to left, you can make him move to right by using the Right Arrow. Moreover, in order to jump where you want and try not to fall down, you should use the Up Arrow. You should prepare yourself sudden death and replaying the game. We guess during the game, you will use space bar at the very most. Because it is the replay key. 

Tricks and Tips For Unfair Mario

If you are not sure how to deal with any difficulty, you should stop and think about it. You should use your intelligence because in the game, you should be very smart and also skilled.