Strike Force Heroes 3

Strike Force Heroes 3 is an interesting  and amazing shooting platform. In this last installment of Strike Force Heroes series, you will some assignments. Your aim is to achieve these assignments. After fulfilling each of them, you will be awarded with money. In order to make your character stronger, you should use that money for customizing your soldier. When you become stronger, you can easily overcome the bad guys.

How To Play Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked

The game controls are the Arrow keys, W, S, D, A, Q, Shift, E and Ctrl keys. You can use either the W, D, S, A keys or the Arrow keys in order to move your soldier character. You should use your mouse and click the left mouse button for aiming and shooting enemies. With the right mouse button, you can reload your weapon. Also, you can switch your weapons with either the Shift key or the Q key. You can perform the kill streak skill by pressing either the Ctrl key or the E key.

Soldiers Of Strike Force Heroes 3

There are 8 different types of soldiers in Strike Force Heroes 3. Each of these 8 classes has special skills, abilities, two primary weapons, two secondary weapons and gender. These classes are following:

  • Medic: Female defensive support class. They can heal their mates.
  • Mercenary: Male heavy offensive class. They can use their killstreaks and traits for dealing with massive damage.
  • Engineer: Male class. They can build turrets.
  • Elite: Female offensive support class. They can burn and freeze enemies.
  • Knight: Male class. They can use only melee weapons.
  • Gunslinger: Female offensive support class. They can enhance fire power.
  • Ninja: Female offensive fast support class.
  • Juggernaut: Male heavy defensive class. They have the highest health.
  • Sniper: Male class. They can deal with huge damage.