Stickman Boost 2

Stickman Boost 2, one of unblocked games in unblocked games 66 is an intense platformer game. In this crazy platformer game, you will control a stickman and your mission is to make this stickman reach the assigned destinations safely by getting through all of the obstacles. You will face with many different dangerous obstacles through all 10 challenging levels. Besides that, you will also have lots of awards and power-ups.

How To Play Stickman Boost 2 Unblocked

During playing this one of unblocked games, you should use the Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow and Down Arrow or the A, W, D and S keys. You can move the stickman to right and left with either the D and A keys or the Right and Left Arrow. In order to sit down, you should use either the Down Arrow or the S key. For a regular jump, you should press either the W key or Up Arrow whereas for a double jump, you should press one of them twice. In order to perform a wall jump, you should press one of the W and Up Arrow again after jumping a wall. In order to roll, you should press one of the S key and Down Arrow, then you should press one of the Right Arrow, Left Arrow, A and D keys.

Achievements Of Stickman Boost 2

  • Graduate: You should finish the tutorial.
  • Stickman: You should finish all stages.
  • Champion: You should run 1000m.
  • Jumper: You should jump 200 times.
  • Richman: You should collect all coins.
  • Bro: You should back to the game.
  • Perfectionist: You should finish any stage perfect.
  • Cosmonaut: You should collect all stars.
  • World Champion: You should run 4000m.
  • Stick Jumper: You should jump 400 times.
  • Starman: You should collect first star.
  • Collector: You should collect all coins on any stage.
  • Gold Medal: You should achieve gold time on any stage.
  • Gold Champion: You should achieve gold time on all stage.
  • Invincible: You should finish stage without dying.