Sprinter 100 Meter

Sprinter 100 Meter is a quite appealing and impressive racing game. In this game, you will control a runner and your mission is to be the winner of this race. In order to be the winner, you should move your finger on the keyboards as fast as possible.

How To Play Sprinter 100 Meter Unblocked

In this one of amazing games, you should use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow in order to control your runner.

Tricks and Tips For Sprinter 100 Meter

You should consider 3 techniques during playing the game. You can use one of these 3 techniques to become a winner. The first technique is the “two finger one hand”. It is the most popular and fast one. In this technique, for left and right pressing, you should use your one hand. The second one is the “double whammy”. Third and final one is using your both hands in order to press the Left and Right Arrows.

Levels Of Sprinter 100 Meter

After starting the game, you will see there is a marking line. You and other competitors are standing on this line to run. After a while the referee is going to whistle in order to start the race. When you hear the sound of whistle, you should run like a mad dog is following you to bite. As we mention earlier, you should use the repetitive combination of the Left and Right Arrows to run and run as quick as possible.

As the second level, you will run in the physical festival after completing the first level. This level is not as easy as the first one. Therefore, you should run faster than first one. the third level of the game is high school competition. In this level, you can use the double whammy. The fourth one is national, so you are going to have a really good competition. After that, you will have the fifth level that is Olympic Games. Finally, the sixth level is Galaxy Athletic.