Short Life

Short Life, one of unblocked games in unblocked games 66, is an unusual platform game. After playing the game, you will say that the life is really short. In this platform game, you will face with many traps such as mines and spikes through your path. If you fall into any of these traps, your body pieces and blood will be everywhere on the game screen. Hence, by considering that situation, you should watch your steps carefully in order to stay alive. In the game, you will control a man throughout a bunch of challenging levels. The number of these challenging levels is 16.

How To Play Short Life

During playing Short Life, one of unblocked games, some keyboard keys are really important for you. These important keys that allow you to control your male character are the A, Up Arrow, D, Left Arrow, Down Arrow and Right Arrow. If you want to make your character move to the right side of game screen, you should press either the Right Arrow or D key. On the other hand, if you want to make him move to the left side of game screen, you should press either the Left Arrow or A key. 

When you press the Down Arrow, you can make your character crouch. Also, you can make him stand up from crouch position or jump when you use the Up Arrow. Besides that, there are some keys for game options. These keys are the R and P keys. As you can pause the game and open the options section by pressing the P key, you can restart the game by pressing the R key.

 Options Section

Generally, most of online games offer options section. This section allows you to customize some game settings such as graphics quality, sound effects, music and other effects. Thanks to the options section of this game, you can make some setups about the music and sound effects.