Running Fred

Running Fred  is a fun and interesting 3D endless running game. In the game, you will control Fred who runs automatically, and you will try to deal with complex terrain. The challenge in the game is this complex terrain that contains many obstacles. When you see some of them, you will be stunned, but you can still continue to run. On the other hand, some of them such as pits, spikes and moving saw blades result in sudden death after hitting one of them. 

How To Play Running Fred Unblocked

If you play the game in your computer, the controls in this one of games, are the Left Arrow, Right Arrow, space bar and X key. In order to make Fred to move the right side of game screen, you should press the Right Arrow whereas you should press the Left Arrow in order to make him move to the left side. If you want to make Fred to jump, you can press either the space bar or the X key. For performing a double jump, you should press one of the space bar or the X key twice or more than twice. 

On the other hand, you should tilt your screen in order to command Fred to turn left or right if you play Running Fred on your smart phone or tablet. When you want to make Fred jump, you should press on the screen of your smart phone or tablet once with your finger. If you buy the double jump skill, you can perform that skill by pressing the screen of your device while you are in the air. Unlike the computer version, you can purchase some upgrades, skills and customer in the smart phone version. You can buy even Iron Man suit.