Raze 2

Raze 2, one of unblockedgames66 is an adventure and action game. According to the story of the game, our planet, earth was invaded by aliens 9 years ago in 2108. For the purpose of exterminating these aliens, a group of soldiers who were the best of the best was created. The code name of this exterminating task was Raze. Raze was completely fulfilled 4 years alter by defeating the last alien. However, a cure for the zombie virus which the aliens created have not yet been found. While the number of being infected with the virus has increased, without warning, the aliens have returned. In this game, you are the last survivor, soldier of Raze. You are also have the zombie virus, so your mission is to defeat all aliens and save your planet before turning a zombie.

How To Play Raze 2 Unblocked

In this one of unblocked games 66, you should use either the Left and Right Arrow or the A and D keys to move your solider to left and right. In order to make your soldier jump, you should press one of the Up Arrow, space bar or W key. For double jump, you should press one of these jump keys twice. Also, you can look around and aim your target by moving the mouse. By pressing either the F key or Ctrl, you can use your abilities. If you want to switch your weapon, you should use the 1 to 7 number keys, Q and E or Enter and Shift.

Armory Of Raze 2

In the Armory section of the game, you can buy a new skin, abilities, weapons, equipments and kill bonuses. The game offers 30 different skins including Raze Soldier, Covert Ops, Cpt. Biggs, Space, Camouflage, Soldier, Soldier (alt), Jonny Rockit, Jonny Rambo, Miner, Doni, Doni (helmet), AddisonR, Juice-Tin, Albino Alien, Desert Alien, Morine Alien, Space Alien, Jungle Alien, Commander Alien, Desert Bot, Space Bot, Mining Bot, Snow Bot, Jungle Bot, Urban Zombie, Beach Zombie, Elderly Zombie, Biker Zombie and Biker Zombie (alt).