Parking Mania

Parking Mania that is a game in unblocked games 66 is a very popular flash game, nowadays. Thanks to its memory and graphics requirements, the game is suitable for all smart devices including tablets, laptop, smart phones and computer. Although it has simple graphics, the gameplay is quite addictive and interesting. It can be say that the style of gameplay is easy to learn and hard to master. For that reason, we can easily say that this game is the best in car parking or transportation games category. In the game, you will try park a car in an assigned parking area by controlling it properly and safely.  

There are two different version of this game that are free version and purchase version. In the purchase version, you can have more levels and some additional features. The game offers 220 levels, but recently, 10 new levels were added to the fre version whereas 50 fresh levels were added in the value packed upgrade of it. Additionally, now you are capable of giving the other impatient cars a blast by unlocking a horn. 

How To Play Parking Mania Unblocked

If you want to play this one of unblocked games on your smart phone or tablet, you can control your car in three ways. These 3 ways are steering wheel, tilting the device and swiping on the device. When you play Parking Mania on your computer or laptop, you can control your car by using the Arrow keys that are Up, Down, Left and Right Arrows. You can steer wheel to the left side of the game screen by pressing the Left Arrow whereas you can steer it to the right by using the Right Arrow. In order to accelerate, you should use the Up Arrow. Besides that, in order to brake or drive the backward, you should press the Down Arrow.