Neon Rider Unblocked

Neon Rider Unblocked is a motorcycle driving game. This driving game is based on Tron universe. According to the story of Neon Rider, there is a son of a famous video game developer, Sam. One day, Sam was pulled into a cyber world. His father created this cyber world. In this cyber world, you will try to figure out how to survive and use neon motorcycles.

How To Play Neon Rider

The game controls are the Arrow keys, space bar, W, A, S and D keys. The A, W, S and D keys allow you to move the neon motorcycle. You can tilt left by pressing the A key whereas you can tilt right by pressing the D key. Besides that, you can use the W key to accelerate and you can use the S key to brake.

Moreover, you can use the Arrow keys in order to change the color of the motorcycle. For green, you should press the Up Arrow while for blue, you should press the Down Arrow. The Right Arrow should bu used for yellow and the Left Arrow should be used for red.