Mario Combat

Mario Combat that is one of unblocked games in unblocked games 66 provide an interesting spin on the traditional Mario games. This amazing game was developed with several attractive features including wonderful graphics and sound effects which are similar to the orijinal nintendo games. In the game, you will control Mario who is a famous Italian plumber. Your task is to guide this brave mushroom man to move in a lava cave, fight against his enemies and jump over many gaps through the dangerous adventure.

Through his path, you will carefully navigate Mario to collect coins and gain points in each of four hough levels. Each level has unique obstacles and lots of red colored turtles. By defeating these turtles, you need to move forward. Unlike other Mario games, this time you cannot defeat the turtles by only jumping on them. You have to make Mario fight with these turtles. You should perform flying attacks, punch combos, running spin punches and other combos to deal with the turtles.

The most important point about the game that you should be very careful about the lava. When Mario falls into the lava, he will die immediately, so the game will be over. Also, if he is attacked by the turtles, your HP bar will decrease. When your HP bar is zero, you will lose the game, so you should play the game by considering the HP bar at the top left of the screen.

How To Play Mario Combat Unblocked

In Mario Combat, one of unblocked games, you should use the Left Arrow, Right Arrow, A and Up Arrow in order to control the Italian guy. While you can make Mario move to the right with the Right Arrow, you can make him move to the left with Left Arrow. In order to punch his enemies, you should press the A key. also, you can make him jump with the Up Arrow.

Besides that, you can make Mario perform special figures such as a wall jump, punch combos and an uppercut. If you want to perform a wall jump, you should press the Up Arrow again after jumping onto a wall. For punch combos, you should press the A key at different time and with different Arrow keys. In order to do an uppercut, you should use the combination of the Down Arrow and A key.