Jacksmith, a game in unblocked games 66, is an amazing adventure game with its quite beautiful graphics. According to the story of this game, Jack is the craftiest donkey in his land. He is a blacksmith that can craft a wide range of weapons. He really loves his job, but he cannot find the way to pay bills. You know that he cannot pay the bills with hinges and horseshoes.

One day, Liliana, the beautiful daughter of King and Queen was kidnapped by a lonely wizard. Then, King announced that any brave soul who can save his daughter will be awarded with lots of golds. Of course, it is bad news for the royal family, but it is a good one for Jack. When Jack heard that, he decided to save the princess, and he hit the road to do that. He can craft a flawless weapon, yeah this is a fact. However, he is really bad at using a weapon. Therefore, he needs your help. In this one of unblocked games, first of all, you should help Jack to craft weapons, and then you should defeat the force of the wizard by controlling some volunteer village people.

How To Play Jacksmith

In Jacksmith, you will generally use the left mouse button while both manning your forces and crafting best weapons. During playing the game, you will have a bunch of in-game instructions. You should follow carefully these instructions while either controlling your soldiers or design the weapons like bows, shields and swords.

When you start the game, you will see lots of village people give you weapon orders. First of all, you should take these orders, and then you should create their weapons by following the instructions. During creating a weapon, you will smelt the metal, hammer the metal, place a hilt and etc. When you finish the weapon, the village people will fight against the wizard’s army. During this fight, you should take loots and better ores for better weapons.