Hobo Prison Brawl

Hobo Prison Bawl is a prison survive version of funny and weird Hobo game series. In Hobo Prison Bawl, you will control Hobo, and your mission is to help him to defeat all inmates and guards in the prison.

How To Play Hobo Prison Bawl

The game controls are the P, A, S and Arrow keys. While the Up Arrow lets you make Hobo move upward, the Down Arrow allows you to make him move downward. Also, you can use the Right Arrow to make Hobo move forward, and you can use the Left Arrow to make Hobo move backward. When you want to make Hobo run, you should press one of these direction keys twice.

Moreover, you can use the A key for punching enemies or picking up an object whereas you can use the S key for kicking enemies. Besides that, the Q key lets you toggle quality, and the P key allows you to pause the game.