Hobo 3

Hobo 3 is an enjoyable fighting game. In this fighting game, your character is homeless Hobo, and your mission is to help Hobo to overcome troubles.

How To Play Hobo 3

In Hobo 3, the game controls are the P, A, S, Q and Arrow keys. The Arrow keys let you make Hobo move upward, downward, forward and backward. Besides that, you can make Hobo run by pressing one of the Arrow keys twice. In order to pick up an object and punch, you can press the A key whereas you can press the S key to kick. Besides that, the Q key is for toggling quality, and the P key is for pausing the game.

If you pick up an object, you can throw that object by pressing the A key. After you pick up a gun by using the A key, you can shoot by pressing the A key again.