Earn to Die

Earn to Die is a game of fantastic racing games category in unblocked games 66. In this amazing racing gme, the theme is about zombie survival and desert. Depending on the game story, you are in the middle of a desert, and it is not just that. Wait for the worse news: there are zombie coming to eat you alive. Your only hope to survive is reaching the helicopter on the other side of the desert. Thus, you should try to reach your only chance to escape from zombies and desert. Lucky for you, you do not have to go to the helicopter by walking, you have a dune buggy.

Playing Modes Of Earn to Die

You can play Earn to Die, one of unblocked games, by selecting one of two different playing options. These two different playing options are challenge mode and story mode. In order to play this game with challenge mode, you should first complete all levels with story mode. After that, you will be able to select the challenge mode. 

How To Play Earn to Die

At the very beginning of the game, you will buy a car. You will choose one of 3 options that are small hatchback, old good pick up and cool heavy truck. We guess that after buying a car, you will have no money, but there is no need to worry about that because you will earn money by smashing through all of zombies. With that money, you should buy a boost and a weapon. Besides that, you should upgrade the engine, transmissions, wheels and fuel tank of your car.

When you finish customizing you car, the race will start. During playing this game, you should use the Arrow keys and X key in order to drive your car. While the Up Arrow is for acceleration, the Down key is for brake. Moreover, the Left and Right Arrow allow you to tilt. After buying a boost, you should press the X key in order to use it. If you buy a weapon, you do not need to worry about using it. Because, it will automatically shoot the zombies.