Doom Unblocked

Doom Unblocked is extraordinary action and shooting game in unblocked games 66. This is another game which offers a gameplay with the first person perspective. You should know this perspective make the games challenging. In Doom, your aim is to kill all enemies.

How To Play Doom

The game controls are the Tab, Esc, P, Shift, Alt, Arrow keys and 1 to 7 number keys. You can use the Arrow keys in order to move your character. The Up Arrow is for forward, the Down Arrow is for backward, the Left Arrow is for left and the Right Arrow is for right. Moreover, you can use the 1 to 7 number keys to change weapon. While the Tab key should be used for automap, the Esc key should be used for opening the game main menu.

If you want to make your character run, you can use the combination of Shift and one of Arrow keys. Also, you can use the combination of Alt and one of Arrow keys to strafe. Finally, the P key allows you to pause the game.