Cubefield is a cute retro game in unblocked games 66. The game is very simple but it is an awesome flash game with a nostalgic taste and a good gameplay at the same time. In this game, you will control a triangle shaped grey spaceship through the endless field of colorful cubes. During your path, you should avoid hitting any of these cubesi and you have to do this very quickly. Therefore, as you can see you are going to test your navigation, reaction and concentration skills.    

The game will start with the default difficulty level, so default speed. As you progress the game, the speed of your spaceship will become higher and higher. In other words, the difficulty level will increase. Thus, you should make quickly your decision. Also, you should prepare yourself the fact that your ship sometimes may activate super speed. 

How To Play Cubefield

Cubefield, one of unblocked games, is very simple because it has very simple and good gameplay. During playing the game, you should use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow in order to avoid the colorful cubes. As you can guess, the Right Arrow allows you to make your spaceship move to right side whereas the Left Arrow allows you to make it move to left side. Besides that, if you need a break, you can pause the game by pressing the P key. Also, you can adjust the graphics quality by pressing the Q key. 

Hints and Tips For Cubefield

When your speed becomes higher, you should try to fully concentrate your path, and make the decision about avoiding the cubes very fast. You also should use your reflexes as quickly as you can. moreover, you should consider that when you drive the farther, you will get the higher points. therefore, you should hold up for longer to be a legend.