Bob The Robber 5

Bob The Robber 5 is a fresh stealth puzzle platformer. According to the story of this interesting game, Bob was trained to be a thief, and from his chilhood, he has been practicing stealing. He considers himself as a noble thief because he has promised to use his skills only for good. Therefore, he steals only the rich people’s safes, and after stealing them, he gives the stolen to poor people. This is his 5th operation, and your mission is to help him achieve this operation.

Bob The Robber 5 will start with entering a mansion from its roof. You should help him sink to the lower floor. Because, in the lower floor, there is a large cache with gold bars and bills. Besides that, you should go around all of the rooms in order to find something valuable. During his path, there will be lots of mummies, cameras and guards, so you should plan the best stealth in order to avoid getting caught by one of them.

How To Play Bob The Robber 5 Unblocked

In this installment of Bob The Robber, you will have 10 challenging levels. Each level has unique environment and obstacles. While playing each level, you should try to steal as money as possible. Actually, the amount of money that you should steal in each level was decided by the game developer. For example; you should steal 5 coins in the first level. After completing all 10 levels, you should have stolen 73 coins.

During playing this one of unblocked games 66, you should use the Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow and R key. If you want to restart the game, you should press the R key. As you can move Bob to the left side of screen by using the Left Arrow, by using the Right Arrow, you can move Bob to the right side. Also, you can get some hidden coins and go upstairs and downstairs by pressing the Up Arrow.