Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends is one of unblocked games in unblocked games 66. It is wonderful sports game because you can play with the real legends of basketball. In this sports game, you can select one of many NBA teams and control NBA players. Besides that, you can perform some great shots and form some strategies in your own way with cool game graphics. 

Teams in Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends, one of unblocked games, offers 15 different NBA teams. These 15 NBA teams are following:

  • Miami Heat 
  • Chicago Bulls
  • New York Knicks
  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Detroit Pistons
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Los Angels Clippers
  • Rokets
  • Dallas Mavericks 
  • Los Angels Lakers
  • Portland Trail Blazers 
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Toronto Raptors
  • San Antonio Spurs 

Playing Modes 

You can play this legendary basketball game by choosing one of 3 different playing options. These 3 playing options are 1 player mode, 2 players mode and quick match mode. After selecting the 1 player mode you will see that you have 3 more options that are training, tournament and random match. If you select the 2 players mode, you should prepare yourself for a crazy competition with one of your friends. When you select the quick match option, you do not need to get into a whole tournament. 

How To Play Basketball Legends

Depending on your playing mode choice, the game controls of players change. If you choose the 1 player mode, the game controls of player are the D, S, W, A, V and B keys. The A and D keys are for moving your character to left and right. If you want to run faster, you should press one of these two keys twice. Moreover, the S key is for bump whereas the W key is for jumping. With the B key, you can make a regular shot, and the V key allows you to make a super shot. 

If you choose the 2 player mode, the first player’s keys are the same, but the second player should use the L, K and Arrow keys. The Left and Right Arrows are moving to left and right. Pressing one of them twice allows to run faster. Besides that, the Down Arrow is for bump whereas the Up Arrow is for jumping. The second player can make regular shot with the L key, and the K key allows make a super shot.