Axis Football League Unblocked

Axis Football League is an interactive American football simulation games. In Axis Football League, you can join many football matches and even many leagues. The game offers 14 different teams. You can choose team such as the Baltimore Nighthawks, the San Francisco Gold Rushers, the New England Volunteers, the Baltimore Nighthawks, the Chicago Grizzlies…

How To Play Axis Football League Unblocked

The game controls are space bar, S, D, W and A keys. You can move your mouse and press the space bar in order to aim and kick the ball. Besides that, the space bar also is for speed burst. You can change player on defence or throw on offense by clicking the left mouse button. Also, you can use the S, D, W and A keys as the movement controls. Finally, you can choose one of defence plans or attack plans by using the mouse.