Angry Gran Run: Turkey

Angry Gran Run: Turkey that is an unblocked game in unblocked games 66, is one version of the endless running game series, Angry Gran Run. This indefatigable gran’s world tour continues, and this time she is in Turkey. You will control her through the endless streets of Istanbul. Like other version of this endless crazy running, your mission is to run as far as possible and collect as many coins as possible.

How To Play Angry Gran Run: Turkey Unblocked

During playing the game, you should use the A, D, Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow and Down Arrow. The A and D keys allow you to bash punks and move the granny. The Left and Right Arrow let you make her turn corners. Finally, the Up Arrow is for jumping whereas the Down Arrow is for sliding.

Upgrades Of Angry Gran Run: Turkey

There are 3 main categories with lots of upgrades that you can buy by using your coins. Costumes, consumables and power-ups are these categories. In the power-ups category, there are 6 different upgrades. These are invincibility, slow time, magnet, sprint, multi-coins and coin multiplier. Each of them has 7 stages, so you can upgrade them maximum 7 times. In the consumables category, you can have super resurrection, mystery token, permanent boost, double jump, permanent double jump, resurrection, permanent super boost, super boost, 10 tokens and boost.

Finally, in the costumes category, you can purchase 13 characters. Here are those 13 character:

  • Wonder Gran: The price is 5000 coins.
  • Hippy Gran: The price is 10000 coins.
  • Banana Gran: The price is 12500 coins.
  • Angry Gran: Free.
  • Thriller Gran: The price is 7500 coins.
  • The Panda: The price is 15000 coins.
  • The Barbarian: The price is 2500 coins.
  • Arab Prince: The price is 30000 coins.
  • Angry Grand-Daughter: The price is 17500 coins.
  • Gingerbread Man: The price is 5000 coins.
  • Ninja Gran: The price is 20000 coins.
  • Captain Cuddles: The price is 25000 coins.
  • Sachin: The price is 100000 coins.