1 On 1 Soccer

1 On 1 Soccer is a simple and addictive soccer game in unblocked games 66. In this online soccer game, you can select your country, and then you can compete against other countries. There are 7 country options including Australia, England, France, German, Holland, Italy and Portugal. Besides that, there are two different playing options in the game. These options are playing against your friend and playing against computer. In this game, your mission is to score goals to win. 

How To Play 1 On 1 Soccer

If you want to play the game against the computer, you will use the Arrow keys to control your soccer player. You will use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow to move him left and right whereas you will use the Up Arrow to make him jump. 

When you choose playing against your friend, the first player will use the A, W and D keys to control his or her soccer player whereas the second player will use the Left Arrow, Up Arrow and Right Arrow to do that. The W and Up Arrow is for jumping. The A and Left Arrow is for moving left, and the D and Right Arrow is for moving right.

Tricks and Tips For 1 On 1 Soccer

There are some cheat codes that you can use first by selecting Cheats option on the main menu of this game. Then, you should enter these cheats codes in order to activate some cheat functions. Here are cheats codes for 1 on 1 Soccer, one of unblocked games:

  • thEbeAtleS : This code is for Beatles team.
  • floSatball : This code is for wall.
  • teNniSbaLl : This code is for tennis ball.
  • thERStoNes : This code is for Rolling Stones team.
  • loWgraSiTy : This code is for low gravity.
  • AllSowsAme: This code is for being the same team.
  • SpeEdltuPp : This code is for speed boost.
  • flySgmoDE : This code is for flying. 
  • beSaChbAll : This code is for beach ball.
  • bOwliSbaLl : This code is for bowling ball.